World War Hulk #5 Preview

The ever-exciting World War Hulk storyline wraps up in a few weeks, and to make sure you go into the last issue equipped with all the knowledge you need to brace yourself for the finale, here's a preview of World War Hulk #5. Marvel has a brief buildup of what to expect, but its Hulk, so you know it will involve lots of smashing. He's gone through the Illuminati that shot him into space to begin with (Doctor Strange, Iron Man, Black Bolt and Mr. Fantastic), and by gone through mean that has forced them to fight each other to the death in the newly gladiatorized Madison Square Garden. This causes Sentry to come down from his mountain on high, with the hopes of stopping the green goliath that is the Incredible Hulk. Greg Pak continues the writing, with John Romita, Jr. doing pencils. The cover is by David Finch, with a variant by John Romita, Jr. The issue hits stores November 14, and will cost readers a cool $3.99. World War Hulk #5 Preview