Comics Experience with Andy Schmidt

Are you an aspiring comic book writer? Do you constantly draw the same character in a multitude of different poses across random notebooks and sketchbooks? Are you any good? If you answered yes to any (or all three) of the previous questions, you may be a candidate for the Comics Experience with Andy Schmidt! The Comics Experience with Andy Schmidt is a school of sorts for breaking into the comic book industry. The classes range from six to seven weeks, and typically meet for 2 hours a night for that span (I believe, as it doesn't really specify any particular days of the week). What are the courses?
  • Introduction to Comics Writing - $495, meet with writer Peter David
  • Introduction to Comic Book Art - $495, meet with artist Walter Simonson
  • Advanced Comics Writing - $695, meet with Dan Slott
  • Advanced Comics Art - $695, meet with Jae Lee
The site doesn't specifically say where the courses take place (least that I can find), but the area code for the contact number is New York (go figure). So if you're in the area, have some loot you're dying to get rid of and want to learn how to break into the comic book industry, head on over and sign up. I'd say its definitely worth the investment. Comics Experience with Andy Scmidt