Dobkin directing The Flash

News of a director isn't always the most exciting thing to read about, but it is news. And The Flash faithful might sleep a little easier tonight, knowing their beloved Scarlet Speedster will most likely have a half-decent movie (not full-decent because The Flash is involved). According to the Hollywood Reporter, Warner Brothers has just signed David Dobkin (Wedding Crashers, Fred Claus) to a three-year, first look deal. Part of the deal will be directing The Flash movie being written by Craig Wright (Lost, Dirty Sexy Money), and which apparently isn't going to be a spinoff of the Justice League movie by George Miller. This really throws into question the whole continuity angle, as it seemed that Warner Brothers wanted to have consistency across movies within the DC Universe (then again, Christian Bale and Brandon Routh weren't being considered for the Justice League film). Dobkin is a good choice for the movie, at least based on Wedding Crashers. He successfully blended comedy and drama, which is what The Flash is all about, so as long as Warner Brothers doesn't f it up and cast the wrong person for The Flash, I think we're gravy. Please cast Ryan Reynolds. Please. Dobkin directing the Flash movie