Halo: Contact Harvest a bestseller

So you may have heard of Halo. Its a little franchise of Bungie's about a guy named Master Chief who is trying to save the universe from the Convenant and Flood. Good times. Marvel thought it was good times as well, and decided to support stories that exist within the Halo universe. Well, it looks like Marvel did right with the newest graphic novel, Halo: Contact Harvest. Shack News reports in its first week of release, Halo: Contact Harvest went on sale October 30, and took the number 3 spot in the list of trade paperback fiction. Its since fell to fourth, but its not bad considering its the fifth novel in the series. This is the first in the series written by Joseph Staten, the writer and director of cinematics in the Halo games. Halo: Contact Harvest reaches third on bestseller list