Heroes Reviewcap: Cautionary Tales

I'm starting to sound like a broken record at this point when I say "this week's episode of Heroes was better than the last!" but its true. This show has really gotten a full head of steam and it sucks that it will end in 2 weeks. Hopefully the writers and Hollywood come to an agreement soon. Anyways, lets get to it. This week's episode. Wow. I don't think I can stress that enough. As if Parkman wasn't powerful enough with his newfound abilities, he gets another one (the ability to put thoughts into other people's heads that they then turn into actions). I mean, holy crap. Parkman is by far my favorite character in the show, and I'd say he's probably as powerful as Peter and Sylar are, if not more so. He found out who the remaining woman in the picture was, mainly by mentally forcing it out of Mrs. Petrelli's mind. I like that they're giving Parkman kind of a dark side, and he's running with it. Parkman also learned the reason for the secret society was to stop Adam, who has recently become immortal. The show has done an excellent job in showcasing each of the heroes, and you start to thinking that each one really is invincible in their own way. And last night's episode did that especially well with Hiro's storyline. HIro tried to save his father, but after spending time with his father (and time traveling with him) learned that he couldn't and that fate cannot be avoided. Hiro's father had a great line, in which he said "just because we have the power of gods, does not mean we can play God." Very poignant, and Hiro realized it at the end of his episode, and honored his father at the funeral. Hiro also realized that Adam was the one that killed his father, which of course, shocked Hiro. Claire actually wasn't annoying this episode. Mr. Bennett finally found West, and the two made a peace and decided that Claire needed to be saved. Mohinder turned in a sense, and Mr. Bennett realized that when he fed him false information. After a tense exchange of Elle for Claire, Mohinder shot Mr. Bennett through the glasses, matching two of the eight paintings. The scene was a little cheapened by the fact that earlier in the episode Bob withdrew some blood from Claire that could "help a lot of people," so I think we saw where this was going. Parkman, Hiro and Claire were the focal points of the episode, and they really carried it. I'm so glad that this show is so good again, and I remember why I loved it last season. I really hope that we get some more episodes, because it would be a shame if this season was cut short because two sides cannot agree on a dollar amount. Overall Review: 9.8 out of 10