Heroes Reviewcap: Four Months Later

How quickly good things come to an end. The show is in full stride at this point, but its possible there really is only 3 more episodes left of this strike shortened season. Not mad or anything, as writers need to get paid, but still sucks. So let's get right into it, shall we? Spoilers abound. I've said it before, I'll say it again, and I'll keep saying it: this show thrives when the focus is on Peter and/or Sylar. They are by far the two most powerful and interesting characters in the show, and they really move things along. Last night's episode was of the "flashback" variety, recounting the events between last season and where we are now (four months of time). We learned how Nathan and Peter both survived, as Nathan let go of Peter, who exploded, but turned around to save Nathan, and got him to a hospital. So the mutant we saw was the Nathan's memory of what he looked like prior to being healed (more on that in a minute). Peter meanwhile is given the opportunity to be "healed," as Bob approaches him (along with Kristin Bell) and subdues him for treatment. Its in the hospital that Peter meets Adam, who is really Takezo Kensei, and has been locked up for thirty years now. It takes some convincing, but eventually Peter believes Adam when he says that the two of them are prisoners there and not guests, prompting them to stage an escape. All the while Bell's character is playing the Cybill role quite well, and is even falling for Peter (which Peter uses to his advantage to get out of there). Upon escaping, Peter and Adam head to the hospital, infuse Nathan with some of Adam's blood, and he instantly begins to heal. Good times. After saving Nathan, the two of them start running again. Except Bell and Bob know where they went, and cut them off at the pass. The Haitian goes after Peter, who proceeds to beat the crap out of him, handcuff him, and remove his memories in the container. Phew. Meanwhile, DL didn't die last season, as the bullet was inches from his aorta (sure). Nikki tries to rebuild her life with Micah and DL, however, she stops taking the medication that represses her powers (issued to her by Bob), and a new personality emerges, Gina. Gina goes to LA, gets coked up, and gets DL killed when he tries to get her out of there (skanky club guy she was dancing with shoots him). So that wraps up that. We also got a little backstory on Maya and Alejandro. Alejandro married some chick he knew for a few months (against Maya's wishes), and Maya finds the bride and ex getting hot and heavy in a tent, prompting her to freak out and get stigmatic on everyone. And then they start running, and we're brought to modern day, where Sylar is looking at Maya endearingly. Aww. And that was about it. After all the recaps, we're brought back to the present, where Peter uses his healing power to remember everything. Prompting Adam to encourage him to help him save the world. It was really a phenomenal episode (any show that answers questions usually is). This show is really on fire now, and its only getting better. Let's hope the last 3 episodes keep getting hotter, and this show really goes out with a bang. Overall Score: 9.5 out of 10