Heroes Reviewcap: Out of Time

I don't think I've ever seen a more appropriate title for a show than last night's episode, titled "Out of Time," since the Writer's Guild Association (WGA) officially went on strike. Which sucks, because this show is really catching fire. Spoilers ahead, so watch yourself. Last night. Wow. This is the Heroes I've been waiting for. We got Parkman and Peter unleashed now (more on that in a minute), Hiro back in the now, Claire and her dad at odds and Nikki facing death. First, Parkman. Apparently, he can do everything his dad can do, he just doesn't know how. But he found out last night, as he managed to talk to Molly (while she was comatose), stop his dad from tricking Nikki into thinking DL was still alive, and save Molly from her nightmare while trapping his dad. Parkman has got to be the third strongest hero now, after Peter and Sylar, and that's just freaking awesome. He's basically Jean Grey, except in Phoenix form (hopefully without all the dark aspect). Peter got his memory back, which means s**t is about to get real. He encountered his mom in the future, who prompted him to remember who he was, while Caitlin (hottie Irish chick) is on her way to being deported. And of course, right as Peter was gearing up to save her, he teleported back to the past, where he encountered Adam. Who turned out to be Takezo Kensei. Kensei sold out to White Beard, and had Hiro doped up on opium so he couldn't concentrate and teleport (which was quite hardcore if I do say so). He and the princess escaped, prompting Hiro to return (via teleportation) to the gun shed, where he faced and defeated Kensei, while destroying all the guns. Upon returning to the present, he learns from Ando of his father's death. Claire and West are really getting along well. But Claire is getting worried that things are moving too fast, and tries to tell West that her dad is the man with the horn-rimmed glasses, until West sees him for himself, and knows that its him. That family is falling apart, because Claire got in the paper for "falling 50 feet and surviving," and we all love turmoil. Mohinder changed a lot in the episode, as he's questioning who's side he's really on. Bob gave him a gun, which Mr. Bennett warned him about, and now Mohinder has to find Claire, who is the key to saving Nikki, freshly injected with a new strain of virus immune to Mohinder's blood. Phew. And Nathan learns from Bob that Parkman's dad isn't the real villain, rather another character that wants to punish all those that aren't special like him (coughMagnetocough). This show is REALLY getting good. Finally. Hopefully, the WGA can get ish worked out, so this season doesn't end on December 3, which is looking like a strong possibility. By far the strongest episode thus far. Overall score: 9.6 out of 10