Heroes Reviewcap: Truth and Consequences

Alas, we are but one week away from the end of Heroes, and what a ride its become. Last night's episode shed some light on some of the lesser utilized characters, as we spent time with Monica and Micah and Sylar and Maya, and then the character powerhouses Peter and Adam, Hiro, Claire and West, and Nikki and Suresh. Sylar and Maya. Whoa there kids. Sylar (or Gabriel, whichever you prefer) is devious enough to convince Maya that she doesn't need Alejandro and that she can control her power herself. Once Sylar realizes this, he decides to kill Alejandro by straight up stabbing him, and embracing and unknowing Maya lovingly. He even manages to convince Maya that it was ok that he killed his mom. So I don't know who is playing the better role of psychotic, Sylar for his tricks or Maya for commiserating with him. Somehow the two of them make it to New York City (strangely quickly), and Sylar is caressing Molly's head while talking to Suresh on the phone, imploring him to head back and have a chat with him. Nikki heads down to New Orleans to visit Micah, and tells him she has a virus, but that Suresh is working on the cure. Micah is happy to have his moms back, but when he goes to get his dad's medal for bravery he notices that his bookbag is gone. He later finds out that his cousin stole it to sell his comics, only he got jumped by the potential buyers. This lead Michelle to have the brilliant idea that if she watches one video about being an urban ninja, she can get in and get the bag. She, of course, gets caught and thrown into a van, while Micah runs off to get who we hope is Nikki to unleash some fury on the thugs. Probably the biggest showdown of the show involved Claire and Elle. Bob brought the "ashes" of Mr. Bennett back to the family (at gunpoint from Mrs. Bennett), and told Elle the only way to regain his trust was to keep an eye on Claire. She keeps any eye on her, all the way up to the point where she's spreading her dad's ashes in the ocean, when Claire notices her in the parked car. She confronts her, breaks the window with her fist, and threatens to go public with her power, which, in her mind, means that her family will forever be left alone after that. Peter and Adam find Victoria Pratt in Maine, and find out that she was responsible for creating strain 138 of the Shanti virus that ends up killing 93% of the world's population. While getting the information on it, we learn that Adam wants to release it, and Peter is trying to destroy it, but no one's really sure who to believe. Adam kills Victoria, as she was going to kill Peter by taking his head off with a shotgun, as that is apparently the only way to kill the regenerators (foreshadowing?). They end up in Odessa, TX, at the Primatech Paper Factory, which is where the virus is hidden. Hiro shows up and stops time, which stops everyone but Peter, setting up a showdown between the two of them with Hiro attempting to avenges his father's death. And that's the buildup to next week's episode: Hiro charging Peter with his sword drawn and screaming. This show is finally getting things right. I really like how team dynamics are starting to form, as the heroes are realizing that if they work together they can get more accomplished, regardless of the motives. Everyone in this episode essentially traveled with a partner, which I can only imagine would've led to some team formations had the writers not gone on strike, but I guess that gives us something to look forward to down the road. The last episode is next week, and hopefully its not a big a letdown as the end to season 1 was. Overall score: 9.7 out of 10