Heroes season done December 3?

I don't know if people are really aware of what's going on with the Writer's Guild of America (WGA), but there's some turmoil and strife. Their contract was up recently, and negotiations have stalled regarding the division of profits from online sources. The last contract for the WGA was written without any mention of Internet airing/replays of shows, so the writers didn't get a cut of the new revenue. Well, now they want their piece of the pie, and if they don't get it, they'll strike. What does that mean? In the grand scheme of things, it means that shows like Heroes may end their seasons a bit prematurely. Michael Ausiello from TV Guide reports that the sophomore season of Heroes may end on December 3, and an alternate ending for that episode is being prepped just in case. This season has been designed to be three story arcs, with one leading into the other (unlike last season which was spread over the entire season). So if the season had to end on December 3, it wouldn't be the end of the world (unless the future of the show really is set in the end of the world). If the WGA doesn't strike, then obviously the alternate ending will be scrapped, and all will be on their merry way. This is starting to get fun. Heroes could end December 3 Update: Its official. The WGA has gone on strike. No word on what this means exactly, but you can imagine that many shows will not be happy.