I Am Legend returns to graphic novel

IDW Publishing is really riding this wave of vampire popularity. 30 Days of Night had success at the box office, and with I Am Legend on the horizon, you can be sure that that movie will do just as well. IDW Publishing plans on giving fans a little something extra prior to the film's release in the form a graphic novel. Not just any graphic novel, but the reprinting of the out-of-print graphic novel adaptation of Richard Matheson's legendary I Am Legend. The 244-page black and white graphic novel will be released well in advance of the movie (which really doesn't leave that much time, but whatever), and is one of the few adaptations that Matheson actually signed off on (the 1964 Vinvent Price movie The Last Man on Earth was so atrocious in the eyes of Matheson that he removed his name as writer from the credits). The graphic novel was adapted by Steve Niles (30 Days of Night) with art by Elman Brown. "Our book is a very faithful adaptation of the novel itself," says Chris Ryall, IDW's publisher and editor-in-chief. "The upcoming movie will tell a variation on the story, but the graphic novel adaptation is the definitive take on the Richard Matheson book that has captured generations of fans." I Am Legend graphic novel reprinted