I'm the Juggernaut movie, bitch?

When Vinnie Jones took a turn at the Juggernaut in X-3, I wasn't really sure how'd he do as the character, but it worked. He wasn't CGIed to a massive size, which did kind of suck, but he definitely conveyed the personality of the Juggernaut pretty convincingly. According to Joe Carnahan (NARC, Smokin' Aces), we may be seeing Jones as the Juggernaut in his own movie. Carnahan posted on his blog (Smokin' Joe Carnahan) the image above, and just said "I'll let you guys go nuts on this one..." Hardly a confirmation of anything at all, although its interesting that a director posts a picture of Juggernaut on his blog without it meaning anything (unless he just wanted to start a flame war). And if he is behind the movie it'll definitely be fast-paced, which is fitting with Cain Marko's necessity to keep momentum up. Its also intriguing that in the following post to the image, Carnahan ends it with "'Nuff said," which sounds an awful like a certain patriarch of Marvel Comics in Stan Lee. Am I reading too much into that one? Maybe. But if not, it'll feel great knowing I picked up the clues that a Juggernaut movie really is in the works. Smokin' Joe Carnahan