Ledger becoming the Joker

I'll admit, I approached the casting of Heath Ledger as the Joker with a bit of trepidation. His most recent role was Brokeback Mountain, and I'll always remember him best for 10 Things I Hate About You, neither role that really screamed insane. It wasn't that I thought he would be bad, as I think he's a phenomenal actor, just not sure if he could pull it off. But as more and more news and images are leaking out, I'm feeling more and more confident about the selection of him for the role. And then I found out that he's trying to actually turn himself into the Joker for the move. The NY TImes has an excellent interview/article with Heath Ledger, where he talks about his roles in general, and specifically, his role as the Joker. Four months prior to filming, Ledger began compiling a "Joker diary," which is "filled with images and thoughts helpful to the Joker back story, like a list of things the Joker would find funny. (AIDS is one of them.)" And to further throw himself into the role, he's been sleeping less and less, trying to add to the derangement that the Joker so elegantly encompasses. The article is a great read, and there are tons of other facts about Ledger's roles in general, and how committed he is to those roles. I'm glad that even a role such as the Joker he deems worthy of immersion, as that means we can expect some kickass one-on-one between Ledger and Christian Bale when The Dark Knight releases. Heathe Ledger talks to the NY Times