Lego Batman is the Blocky Night

Lego Star Wars was (and still is) a freaking awesome game. I grew up obsessed with Legos and Star Wars, so the combination of the two seemed appropriate. The game retold the stories of the movies with no dialogue and only actions, and it was extremely humorous as well. So when news trickled down that there was a Lego Batman in the works, well hot damn. Gamesindustry got some details on the game. You'll be able to play Batman or Robin, cruising Gotham City in search of traditional baddies Joker and Penguin, among others. Vehicle construction and two-player co-op are there as well, so that's always a plus. And what does Pail Levitz, president of DC Comics have to say? "There's nothing more appealing to our youngest fans than the chance to be The Batman and the Lego Batman video game will provide a unique opportunity for them to immerse themselves in Gotham and Batman's adventures." Lego Batman is the Blocky Night