Marvel Comics is archived

The internets are becoming more and more pervasive nowadays, so its fitting that Marvel decided to jump on the bandwagon and get with it. USA Today has a story detailing Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited, Marvel's new foray into the online world. Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited is a web-based subscription service that gives readers the chance to pour through countless archives of Marvel Comics. A yearly subscription is $59.98, while a monthly subscription is $9.99 (obviously its more cost effective to go the year). A subscription grants you access to the first 100 issues of a plethora of series, and also the ability to zoom in and out on certain panels, or follow a battle frame by frame with something spiffy called "Smart Panel." If the subscription costs seem a little steep, fear not true believers. There is a 250 issue "sampler" available for you to take a quick spin through to see if the service is something you think you can really get behind. And don't think this new service will get you out of going to the comic book store every Wednesday. Comics won't appear online until six months after they hit the stores. In a way, Marvel is combating the illegal uploading of comics to the internet (similar to MP3s), however, its been more difficult since comics are a little trickier to enjoy online than MP3s. Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited