Marvel Entertainment really likes money

OK kids, time for a brief lesson in finance. And what could possibly make finance any more exciting than by talking about Marvel Entertainment. According to the Hollywood Reporter, Marvel Entertainment posted $36.3 million third quarter net income, up from $13.2 million at the same time last year. Revenue also rose 34% to $123.6 million, well ahead of Wall Street estimates of $91 million. $66 million in licensing was double that of last year, with a little over a third of that number ($24.2 million) coming from the Spider-Man franchise alone. The fact that Marvel has seen such gains once again hits home the fact that comics are becoming more and more mainstream, and reflective of pop culture. If anyone has gained from the recent superhero movie boom, its definitely Marvel. And you really have to credit them with relaunching the boom, with the releases of Spider-Man and X-Men on the big screen. Now we're getting at least two comic based movies a year, which is really just freaking awesome if you ask me. Marvel Entertainment is rich, beeyotch