Marvel Universe Online dead

Marvel Ultimate Alliance was a fantastic game. It really was. It was extremely long, and got to be a little tedious at times (think Gauntlet with Spider-Man), but overall it was a lot of fun. The success of this game lead to the belief that another Marvel branded game could be just as successful, so the concept of Marvel Universe Online was conceived. And that was about it, as it looks like production on the game is just about over. Marvel Universe Online was designed to be a MMO type game, akin to City of Heroes, just with licensed heroes this time around. According to 1UP, the problem was that the game's graphics apparently ran at an abysmal 5 FPS (which means really slow for the tech inclined out there). The game also kept crashing and wreaking havoc on the system it was running on, as well as the Xbox Live servers hosting the games. Another issue was that there's only so many superheroes, and exponentially that many more Xbox Live users. Not everyone can be Spider-Man, which does prove quite problematic for a Marvel MMO. City of Heroes gave you the option to create your own hero, so while the guy may have walked, talked and had the powers of Spider-Man, it wasn't Spider-Man, and was still unique. On top of that, it seems the Xbox 360 Chat Pad was designed specifically with this game in mind, however, when it was obvious that it wasn't going anywhere, was relaunched with MSN Messenger support. Truthfully, I never really got my hopes up for this one, as a licensed MMO really can't be done, because everyone will want to be Wolverine, and no one will want to be Toad. So I guess no harm no foul. Marvel Universe Online taken offline