Matt Frewer is Moloch

Matt Frewer is a memory of my childhood. Whether it was as Max Headroom, one of the many icons of the '80s, or the short lived sitcom Doctor, Doctor, until recently he's been an afterthought. That wasn't good enough for Zak Snyder though, as he's decided to thrust him right back into the spotlight. MTV Movies Blog has confirmed that Snyder has cast Frewer as Moloch the Mystic in the upcoming The Watchmen film adaptation. Moloch, of course, fights Nite Owl, Ozymandias and Doctor Manhattan, however, gives up his life of crime prior to the start of the novel. Rorscach finds his murdered body, and is accused of his death, as the events in the novel unfold. Personally, this is a pretty good choice. Frewer has that devilish look to him to pull the looks of the character off at the very least. If he can act the part, well, that's to be determined. The Watchmen hits theaters March 6, 2009. Max the Mystic