Megan Gale's Wonder Woman dilemma

Megan Gale is a coy young lass. She thinks that she's got everyone fooled, but I'm onto you babe. Gale was in attendance at the David Jones Christmas concert in Melbourne, when the Herald Sun, doing their journalistic duty, asked her about her audition for the role of Wonder Woman in the George Miller big-screen adaptation. "I can't talk about it," Gale said. "I wish I could, but I can't." Hmm. No denial there, but then again, no acceptance either. Ok. But who does Ms. Gale think would be the best superhero for a gal to play? "For females there is only one -- Wonder Woman," she said. "I have always loved Wonder Woman. Ever since I was about 15, people have said, 'Oh, you look like Wonder Woman'. She is the best." Gale Wonder Woman (for reals?)