Moon Knight Annual #1 Preview

Annuals are always a good time. They give writers/artists a chance to create a story about a superhero that may not necessarily exist within the character's continuum, which leads to a bit more free reign as to where they can go with the character. Coming in November, Marvel Comics will be releasing Moon Knight Annual #1, which is extra-sized for your reading pleasure. In the work, innocent women are being targeted in New York City, and its up to Moon Knight to save them. Duane Swierczynski (The Blonde, Severance Package) lends his crime writing expertise to the annual, alongside Jefte Paolo's artistic ability, to answer the question of what happens to Moon Knight and the three women he saves when they're pushed too far. Moon Knight Annual #1 hits stores on November 28, and will set you back $3.99. Moon Knight Annual #1 Preview