Parts of Justice League cast confirmed

The one day I have to take a day off from posting because of work major news develops. IESB reports that the roles of The Flash, Green Lantern and Talia al Ghul have been cast, and they seem to be perfect fits. For The Flash, Adam Brody (The OC) won out. Common (Smoking Aces) has been cast as Green Lantern/John Stewart. And Theresa Palmer (The Grudge 2) has been cast as Talia al Ghul. There are also rumors that Scott Porter (Friday Night Lights) has been attached to the cast as well, but for what role no one knows. He was competing for the role of The Flash, but was beat out by Brody. The three actors have been sworn to secrecy about their roles, and any divulging of their casting will result in them losing their respective roles. Wow. Expect to see some sort of official announcement this week at Wizard World Texas. The Flash, Green Lantern and Talia al Ghul cast