Preview: Amazing Spider-Man #545

So One More Day has been delayed, and I don't know if even Marvel Comics knows when the conclusion of the arch that pretty much detonated Spider-Man's universe will be hitting stores, but Marvel still has the preview up for it, so I'm running with it. The big thing with Spider-Man has been that everyone knows who he is (since Civil War when he foolishly joined Iron Man's side temporarily), and slowly but surely his life has been unraveling. Now, the last person he has left will be leaving him, and he will truly be alone. Marvel doesn't exactly say who that person is, but the cover kind of hints at it. Plus, Marvel has always regretted having Parker marry Mary Jane, so this would take care of that problem as well. Written by J. Michael Straczynski and pencils by Joe Quesada, with coloring by Richard Isanove and lettering by Chris Eliopoulos, Amazing Spider-Man #545 will be $3.99 and in theory will hit stores December 26, but we'll see. Preview: Amazing Spider-Man #545