PS3 shipping with Spider-Man 3

Maybe the third time's the charm? This is the third "launch" of the PS3 by Sony, and this time, they're hoping that the inclusion of Spider-Man 3 on Blu-ray will woo some of you fence-sitters over. Laptop Logic is reporting that Amazon is shipping the new 40-GB PS3s, with the swank new 65 nm Cell processor, 2 fewer USB ports, no card reader and no PS2 backwards compatibility. But, the good news is that it only costs $399, which is on par with the Xbox 360. From a purely hardware standpoint, its a better deal than the Xbox 360, because you get the bigger hard drive and Blu-ray right out of the box. The 5 free Blu-ray movie offer is there as well, so you'll be getting 6 movies total, in addition to the PS3. Now all Sony needs to do is get some decent games on the PS3 that aren't ports of Xbox 360 games from 6 months ago. Spider-man 3 PS3 shipping Spider-man 3 PS3 bundle (via Amazon)