Why so serious?

A few months ago I pointed readers to a website simply titled Why So Serious regarding The Joker from The Dark Knight. Those crazy kids have updated it, and now there's even more fun-filled excitement. If you go to the site now, you get the following message: "The only sensible way to live in this world is without rules." Intriguing. If you click the picture underneath the writing, the page burns away, and you get to see another shot of the Joker (see pic above). On top of this, there's another new site that's opened up, called "Rory's Death Kiss," which is a play on The Dark Knight's working title "Rory's First Kiss." That site has the following message from the Clown Prince of Crime: "Patience is a virtue, but who wants to be virtuous? It's time to get this little show of mine on the road. Anyone can wear a mask on Halloween. It's what they skin off your face the rest of the year that really slays an audience." After that, he offers a new challenge to undertake, which will no doubt give more clues about the movie. I CANNOT stress how stoked I am for this movie. Why So Serious Rory's Death Kiss