Confessions of a Superhero

When you hear the word "confessions," chances are there are a handful things you think of. If you're Catholic, you think of confession. If you watch Cinemax late, then you think of some variation of porn where someone is confessing something. Coming in January, however, when you hear confessions, you'll think of something altogether entirely new. Confessions of a Superhero is a documentary by Matt Ogens that looks at the lives of three men and one woman, making their living as superhero characters. Not characters for parties or anything like that, but on Hollywood Boulevard. Christopher Dennis is Superman, Jennifer Gehrt is Wonder Woman, Maxwell Allen is Batman and Joe McQueen is the Incredible Hulk. The documentary looks at the hardships and obstacles that the four face in their quest to be the best superheroes around. Ogens is an Emmy nominated producer/director, and with production help from Jaime Patricof and Charlie Gruet, Confessions of a Superhero should be interesting to say the least. It officially came out November 2, 2007, but I believe the DVD is due out in January. Confessions of a Superhero Website