Devil May Cry anime

I'm surprised it took Capcom this long (unless I missed past attempts), but ADV Films has just announced that there will be an anime version of the hit game series Devil May Cry. The anime is set to release February 5, 2008, right alongside the release of the video game Devil May Cry 4. "This is an unprecedented cross-promotion,” said ADV co-founder and President John Ledford. “Anime and video games intersect on so many levels, but this is the first time a game publisher and an anime studio have combined forces in this way. Capcom isn’t just delivering a preview episode but the full DVD –they’ve provided an incredible value to the consumer and a great way to spread anime in game circles.” So you'll have the option of buying the game and volume one of the series together in a spiffy collector's edition, or just the series by itself. It appears that each volume will have four episodes, and retail for about $26.95, and come with the expected assortment of extras and what not. Devil May Cry anime in the works