Emmy Rossum set to play Bulma

So count me among those that's still a little leery of how a live action Dragonball movie will work. I mean yeah, the show is all about endless dialogue peppered with five minute over the top fights battles, but still not something I see that easily translates onto the live big screen. In any case, we know who's playing Goku (Justin Chatwin) and Piccolo (James Marsters), and now the third of what could be considered the main characters has been cast. Variety reports that Emmy Rossum has been cast as Bulma. A quick IMDB check shows that she's been in a few movies, movies such as Mystic River, Poseidon and The Day After Tomorrow. I don't really remember her from any of those movies, so I'm not sure how she'll be in the role of Bulma. But all you've really got to do to get that role is be assertive and somewhat nagging, and I think you've got it down. Emmy Rossum cast as Bulma