Flaming Thor Helmet

Sometimes I think back to a great movie when I was younger called The Rocketeer. It was a decent movie, and is probably best remembered for the lovely Jennifer Connelly. One of the things I never got was how the rocket's flame wouldn't burn the legs of the person strapped the jetpack. I just chalked it up to being Hollywood, and was done with it. Why does that story have any relevance here? Someone has just created a similar question for their head. On Etsy, you can buy a Flaming Thor Helmet (seen above). Its a "dense" plastic (yes, plastic) replica of Thor's helmet with copper, flamethrowing tubes rising out and above the helmet. So basically, you can turn the flames on and off and say you have Thor's helmet flaming. The poster doesn't recommend wearing it, and I can only imagine how many idiots would put this thing on, turn the flames on, and melt the plastic to their head (The Rocketeer reference makes sense now, don't it). Anyways, it can be yours for the low, low price of $550.00 (!), should you choose. And then everyone can see your flammable Thor helmet, and say that Thor just got his powers confused (always keen on flaming on). Flaming Thor Helmet