G.I. Joe gets more go

So far, we know that Ray Park is going to be Snake Eyes, which is awesome. Paramount Pictures has just dropped word on two other roles that have been filled. And IESB has the word. According to IESB, Byung-Hun Lee (Hero, The Good, The Bad and the Weird) has been cast as Storm Shadow. Yes, the Storm Shadow. So between his and Park's martial arts abilities, you have the makings of something spiffy. Also rumored to be thrown into the mix is Rachel Nichols (The Woods, Shopgirl) as Scarlett, but that's not quite as confirmed as Lee's casting. In any case, this movie is really starting to shape up quite nicely, and I'm eager to see what Stephen Sommers does with it. Byung-Hun Lee and Rachel Nichols added to G.I. Joe