IDW picking up two more comics

IDW Publishing must be loving life right now. They've recently cashed in on 30 Days of Night and the re-release of the I Am Legend graphic novel. They judged created superheroes on an episode of Beauty and the Geek. And now they've got two new comics in the pipeline. The first is Rogue Angel: Teller of Tall Tales, debuting February 2008. Written by Barbara Randall Kesel, the 5-issue miniseries will follow Anja Creed, an archaeologist who is the heir apparent to Joan of Arc's sword. Kesel writes of a tale where Anja ends up in Virginia City, stumbling upon something that could change the perception of Mark Twain. Renae de Liz illustrates with Ray Dillon coloring (stay in the lines Ray) and Rebecca A. Wrigley will provide the covers (with the requisite variant cover by Tim Bradstreet). The second (also a 5-issue miniseries) is The Executioner: The Devil's Tools. Written by Douglas Wojtowicz, The Executioner: The Devil's Tools will follow Mack Bolan, The Executioner. And this one is all about the symbolism, as Bolan is pitted against enemies representative of the Executioner's many conflicts, ranging from war against the Mafia to battling the KGB. SL Gallant does interiors with Luis Antonio Delgado coloring, and Rebecca A. Wriglel pulls double duty here as she's doing the covers. IDW Editor Tom Waltz agrees, stating, “We’re definitely on the same page, no doubt about it. I’ve been a huge fan of the Mack Bolan prose stories for many years, so I was ecstatic when IDW President Ted Adams gave me the green light to approach Gold Eagle about the Executioner license. Things got even better when Gold Eagle not only showed an excited interest in bringing Bolan’s adventures into the comic book realm, but Annja Creed’s (a.k.a. Rogue Angel) as well. Rogue Angel was a new title for me when we started this process, but one I’ve quickly come to dig as much as the Bolan books, and I’m proud as heck to be part of the team that will bring these fascinating pulp heroes to comic book and graphic novel readers everywhere. Working with Gold Eagle has been wonderful, and our talented creators are churning out awesome stories and artwork. I can’t wait for fans, old and new, to see what we have to offer.” IDW picks up two more comics