Iron Man wants some of The Hulk

Moriarty over at Ain't It Cool News has been a busy man as of late. Earlier in the year, he mentioned that Samuel L. Jackson himself would be playing Nick Fury in the upcoming Iron Man film. That's all good and well. Apparently though, there may be a similar scene filmed in the upcoming The Incredible Hulk movie (according to his tipster the Adamantium Doom Machine). "There are some fuzzy politics going on with the Iron Man and Hulk movies - they're shooting a scene TOGETHER! The trouble is, I can't tell if its an Iron Man scene with the Hulk in in or a Hulk scene with IRON MAN in it, more interestingly, it's possible that the SAME SCENE or some variation of it might be in BOTH movies lending to the comic book / single universe, many heroes idea seen in the past - uber cool. " So what does this mean? Well the original Avengers was set up with Nick Fury approaching Iron Man and Hulk to be part of the superteam, so perhaps this is Marvel's way of setting up a collaboration movie. As fans, we always want to know that our comic universes are in continuity, and this could be the perfect way to do it. As if we didn't have enough reason to geek out as it is, the thought of an Avengers movie with the same actors playing the same roles would just be so badass it's not even funny. This could also be an excellent preemptive strike against that other superteam movie coming out from that other comic company... Iron Man and The Hulk meet with Nick Fury