Justice League news

Its been relatively quiet on the Justice League casting front the past few weeks, until now. Word out of Triggerstreet is that a villain has been cast for the movie. Who is rumored to be cast? Jay Baruchel. Exactly. Baruchel is most famous for his work in Undeclared and Knocked Up, so yeah, he's a comedic actor. Which tends to make you think that he could be cast as a comedic villain, such as the Joker. I'm guessing that's not the case, because I think Warner Brothers wants you to think Heath Ledger and Ledger alone when you think of the Joker. Lex Luthor? Too young for that. Max Lord? Maybe. The problem is, that since Baruchel is a comedic actor, and we really haven't seen him in any dramas (except for Million Dollar Baby which I haven't seen), we don't know what he's capable of. Of course, this is a rumor at this point, so the whole argument could be void anyway if it comes out that he's not cast. But in light of the recent silence on the casting front, I think we'll take anything we can get. Baruchel cast as Justice League villain?