Marvel to get more involved in game development?

Marvel games have been kind of inconsistent in terms of quality. Everyone remembers the classic X-Men Arcade Game, and Marvel vs. Capcom 2, but other games have been banished from gamers memories, such as X-Men for NES. This could be for many reasons, but from here on out, one of those reasons won't be because Marvel has limited involvement in the process. Develop reports that Marvel is exploring ways it can get closer to game developers when it comes to Marvel games. Currently, Marvel shares many of its licenses with other companies, such as Activision, EA and Sega, but that's not good enough anymore for Marvel. This is all kind of hearsay and conjecture at this point, but it does have some precedent. Marvel recently opened up Marvel Studios to get more involved with the film adaptations of some of its properties, just to keep that quality control check going. And as comics are getting bigger and bigger, you know that Marvel wants to be sure that movies bearing their characters are done right. Marvel to get more involved in game development?