New Iron Man footage during Super Bowl

Did you know Jerome Bettis is from Detroit? That's the only thing I learned from Super Bowl XL, because everything seemed to revolve around Bettis playing in the Super Bowl in Detroit, which is where he grew up. So I'm glad to see the movie studios falling over themselves this year to fill dead times like those with movie previews. Including Paramount. Variety reports that we will see a new trailer for Iron Man during the Super Bowl in February, as if I need any more reason to be hyped for this movie. The trailer that's already out really just shows what happens in probably the first 5 minutes of the movie, so maybe this time around we'll get a little more meat. No word if a trailer for The Incredible Hulk will be previewed as well, but one can dream. And if the Super Bowl is going to feature the team that I'm pretty sure it will feature, I think I'll need to have something else to look forward to. Iron Man going to the Super Bowl