No More Heroes comic book manual

Growing up playing video games I was never a gamer to meticulously read through the instruction manual to learn how to play the game. I'd rather play it and teach myself what the controller layout is, how systems within the game work, and things like that. Yes, this did allow for me to jump into the gaming action that much faster, but it also meant I could potentially play half the game doing things the extremely difficult way when had I looked at the manual I would've figured out there was an easier way to do it. Grasshopper Manufacture wants to make sure you read their manual for No More Heroes, as its created to be a comic book. Ubisoft picked up the rights to this game for the stateside release, and the Japanese version's manual is all panels and dialogue. According to scans over at Silicon Era, you learn by reading the mini-series within the instruction booklet. Gone are the traditional picture of a controller with controls pointed out. Gone are how points are earned, or how the game plays out. Instead, you get a delightful little comic that teaches you how to play, and just rocks because its a comic. No More Heroes Comic Manual