PhD in Tentacles

Lots of colleges and universities here in the US offer a wide range of non-traditional programs, many of which reflect the culture of the time. Now that trend is making its way to the shores of Japan. The Daily Yomiuri Online reports that the Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music will set up an animation major course at the Graduate School of Film and Media in Yokohama starting in April. This will make TNU the first national university to offer such a program with animation in the name. The course will be a two-year master's program, with only 16 students enrolled annually that will come from a variety of backgrounds. The goal of the program is to give students knowledge and skills to produce two or three works while part of the program. It will be taught by four professionals serving as full-time instructors, including Koji Yamamura (most famous for winning the grand prize for Kafka Inaka Isha at the Ottawa International Animation Festival 2007), clay animation artist Yuichi Ito and film critic Takehito Deguchi. Anime master's degree program