Preview: Hulk #1

Well, we've all seen what happens to the Hulk after the World War he started. But what's next? Jeph Loeb is all set to answer that with the release of Hulk #1 in January. In this reboot, Loeb (along with Ed McGuinness) detail the next chapter in the Green Goliath's future. The biggest change? Now he's red. In this first issue, one of the Hulk's oldest cast members is killed, and originally the Hulk is the suspect (he's just all sorts of misunderstood isn't he). So its up to Iron Man, She-Hulk and Leonard Samson to get to the bottom of the case and figure out whodunnit. Dexter Vines provides inks, Jason Keith provides coloring and Comicraft does the lettering. Hulk #1 hits stores January 4, 2008 for $2.99. Preview: Hulk #1