Preview: What If? Civil War #1

Those of us that read Civil War know how it turned out. Captain America turned himself in, to stop any more fighting. But what if something else happened instead? What if Captain America lead all the heroes against the Registration Act? What if Iron Man lost the fight, instead of Cap? Marvel would like to know. Written by Ed Brubaker, Kevin Grevioux and Christos Gage, What If? Civil War #1 attempts to answer those questions. Interior art duties are handled by Marko Djurdjevic, Gustavo and Harvey Tolibao, accompany the stellar writing well. No, reading this won't bring back Captain America (we have Alex Ross to do that in 2008), but it will be an interesting follow-up to a phenomenal storyline. What If? Civil War #1 hits stores December 19 for $3.99. And its a whopping 56 pages, so you're definitely getting your money's worth. Preview: What If? Civil War