Preview: Wolverine: Firebreak One-Shot

So everyone knows that Wolverine is blessed with heightened senses. He can smell awlways Sabretooth whenever he's around, and can hear a pin drop from miles away. So he might take his incredible eye sight for granted, until of course he realizes he doesn't have it anymore. In Wolverine: Firebreak One-Shot, Wolverine is temporarily blinded and must lead a vacationing family out of the woods, relying only on his remaining four senses. All the while dealing with a visit from Advance Idea Mechanics. Fun times. Wolverine: Firebreak One-Shot is written by Mike Carey, with pencils/cover by Scott Kolins, and coloring by William Baumann. Check for it in stores December 19 for $3.99. Preview: Wolverine: Firebreak One-Shot