Reviewcap: Heroes: Powerless

Last night saw what could possibly be the last episode of this season of Heroes, due to the WGA strike. At the end of the show last night, there was the promise of more Heroes in 2008, but 2008 is a long time, so who knows when we can expect to see continuation, if at all, of this season. that thought aside, read on to get my thoughts and recap of last night's episode, Powerless. As always, there are spoilers ahead. Last night's episode was good. It kept up the theme of the heroes starting to work together as teams, as they realized they could accomplish more together than on their own. It revolved around Peter and Sylar more than anyone else,and as I've always said before, this show is awesome when it focuses on the most powerful heroes. First, getting the boring storylines out of the way: Nikki saved Rebecca, but died in the fire in the process, so that's poetic symmetry with DL. Mr. Bennet made a deal to keep his family safe, but he has to return with Bob and stay with them, so who knows what Claire will do. Now to the good stuff. Let's start with Peter. Peter and Adam made it to the Primatech Paper Plant, and Hiro intervened, prompting Peter to drop him with a bolt of electricity. Adam reclaimed his sword, and the two of them pressed on. Its a good thing that door to the vault with the virus was so intense, because it kept Peter occupied for a while trying to get it open, which gave Nathan and Parkman time to get there, reunite with Hiro, and confront Adam and Peter. Which boiled down to Peter taking out Hiro (again) and Parkman, only to allow Nathan to confront him and calm him down, which is a good thing. Hiro goes into the vault and deals with Adam, and they're teleported away somewhere, but we're not sure where. Peter bursts in, grabs the falling vial, and saves the world. This lead to the inevitable press conference where someone gets shot, as Nathan wanted to go public with his powers, but was shot repeatedly during the press conference. All you see after that is his mom saying that it was necessary, and that they've now opened Pandora's Box. What struck me most about this part was not that Nathan was killed (saw that one coming a mile away), but what Hiro did with Adam. He teleported him into a coffin with his father (I presume), where he will basically never die. He'll keep suffocating, and then reviving, which is just insane. I'm glad Hiro took somewhat of a dark turn with that move, and it makes you wonder what he's really capable of. Hiro wasn't the only one with a dark move, as Sylar had some of his own. He confronted Suresh to get the vaccine, and at first Suresh was worried. But then Maya asked Sylar if that's why he didn't have his powers, which made Suresh realize that he had little to fear, until of course Sylar pulled a big gun on him and demanded the vaccine. Suresh went to his lab, where Sylar reveled in the fact that he killed Isaac there a while ago. Suresh found the vaccine for the strain (which was the same strain that Nikki had). While Suresh was trying to discover the strain that Sylar had, Maya learned that Molly could find people, and asked her to find Alejandro. Of course, Molly couldn't find him since he was dead, which made me think we were going to get a Medea moment with Maya throttling Sylar. Nope. Sylar just shot her. Cold blood. And that was even cooler than the Medea moment. Sylar is and remains one of the best villains on television. Period. After Suresh tries the blood on Maya so Sylar knows it works, he's about to kill the three of them, until Elle shows up, and chases him away. The show ends with Sylar in an alley like a drug addict with the vaccine, regaining his powers. This episode was rife with symbolism. Sylar portrayed as a drug addict, but addicted to power. Hiro showing a darker side by trapping Adam in that coffin, to avenge his father. Mrs. Petrelli authorizing the killing of her son, Nathan, to continue to cover up this secret. Parkman using his ability to force everyone to listen to what Nathan has to say in his press conference. Elle questioning her place as her father's daughter, and just as a young woman. I'm pissed that the WGA is striking (more from a pissed off fan, not so much that I think they're wrong or anything). But the way they set up the next volume, "Villains," well its going to be a fantastic payoff its looking like. Last night's episode was phenomenal, and quite possibly the best of the season. I approve greatly, and eagerly await the show to resume. Overall score: 9.7 out of 10