Who's the next Captain America?

The Captain America reboot begins next year, and its a somewhat unique reboot because Marvel will have a new Captain America defending, well, America. But who will don the red, white and blue? Marvel has a few ideas (they are a house full of them after all). Marvel has a short list of who has the potential to play Captain America. Who's on that list (and what are their odds)? I'm glad you asked:
  • Hawkeye 10-1
  • Winter Soldier 25-1
  • US Agent 30-1
  • Union Jack 50-1
  • Iron Man 50-1
  • The Red Skull 1000-1
Obviously, the odds are in favor of Hawkeye. But it would be phenomenally awesome if they made Iron Man to be the new Cap, and living a triple life (I don't know if that's ever been done in comics before). And it would just add to Iron Man's character even more, because he won the Civil War, vanquished Captain America and then becomes him, uniting the superheros under one banner. I'd trust Alex Ross to write that kind of story. Who's the next Captain America?