Wizard Entertainment Interview: Christian Bale

Wizard Entertainment freelancer Bob Thompson has an excellent interview with Christian Bale, chronicling his film career from Empire of the Sun to American Psycho to,of course, Batman Begins. When Christopher Nolan was casting for Batman Begins, at the top of the list were Jake Gyllenhaal and Colin Farrell, with no Bale in sight. But as Nolan saw the auditions, he realized that Bale was worth taking the risk on, and its payed off big time. Bale is not only the best Batman (no offense Micheal Keaton), but he has an excellent understanding of the dichotomy of Batman and Bruce Wayne, and what both stand for. “But I think that because he continues to channel his rage so much into the Batman character, he is creating that as a creature, as kind of a monster, in a way that’s kind of demonic therapy for him,” says Bale getting into the analysis. “So Bruce becomes a performer most of the time, whether it’s the wasteful playboy or the angry young man, he’s never really letting anybody inside,” says the actor. “The only person who really knows who he is, is Alfred [Michael Caine].” The entire interview is an awesome read, and highly recommended. Wizard Entertainment Interview: Christian Bale