Ascend: Special Edition

If you're dying to add Ascend: Special Edition to your burgeoning library, head on over to the website, where you can choose the Hardcover version ($60.00) or the Softcover version ($35.00) depending on how devoted you are. Written by Keith Arem with art by Christopher Shy, Ascend: Special Edition is set in the post-apocalyptic Purgatory Wars, where Heaven and Hell have been destroyed by the battle for harvested human souls. Sebastian is killed and reunited with his brother, Gideon, who also happens to be the most powerful angel in the Legions of Heaven, and together they plan to restore order amidst the chaos. And of course, it wouldn't be fun unless Sebastian realized that he must fight his brother before he continues his destruction and takes out the cycle of life on Earth while he's at it. IDW Publishing is behind the work, and of course there's a trailer for a movie coming out in the near future (if its not already out), so you can check that out too if you'd like. Ascend: Special Edition Website Ascend Trailer