He's the Duke

We all need a good speculation and hearsay now and again and fortunately for us, Ain't It Cool News has a rather tasty bit of speculation regarding Duke in the upcoming Stephen Sommers G.I. Joe film. Who's it going to be? Channing Tatum. Who's Channing Tatum? Well, if you're a teenage girl, chances are you know who he is. He played a bit part in Steven Spielberg's War of the Worlds remake (which was pretty crappy, but I digress), but is most noted for his roles in Step Up and She's the Man (with surprising hottie Amanda Bynes). He's got some pretty big flicks in the pipeline (Stop Loss and Fighting), so it appears that this guy is on the rise. Whether or not he can pull of the grizzled bad-ass that is Duke well, guess we'll have to see. Duke cast confirmation