IDW going to Silent Hill with Sinner's Reward

The Silent Hill franchise has been one of those franchises that crosses games, movies and comics, and scares the living bejesus out of you. There is little more unnerving then (in the game) wandering through fog so thick you can't see anything in front of you then having the damn radio start spitting out static, meaning you know things are about to get real. And then the movie came out, and good grief. The first movie in a long time that was so deranged it was fantastically scary. IDW Publishing is returning to Silent Hill with a new 5 issue comic called Silent Hill: Sinner's Reward. Silent Hill: Sinner's Reward is the story of Jack "The Pup" Stanton on the run with his mob boss's wife. While on the run, they apparently decide to throw caution to the wind and make a wrong turn that inevitably finds them winding up in Silent Hill. Written by Tom Waltz and illustrated by Steph Stamb (with Justin Randall on special incentive cover duties) the first issue of the five hits stores February. You can preorder the whole series over at IDW for $19.95 and $10.00 shipping. Silent Hill: Sinner's Reward Silent Hill: Sinner's Reward Preorder