Interview with Charles Roven

Batman is a mythic, historic franchise. Being responsible for it means you've got to get it right, or you face discontent with countless fans. Being responsible for the Flash franchise on the big screen as well just adds to the pressure. Thankfully, producer Charles Roven seems to know what he's doing. IESB has an interview with one of today's hottest producers about The Dark Knight, DC and comic franchises in general. One of the juicier tidbits talks about a supposed Batman vs. Superman film. "Well there was a project that Warner had at one time that was pretty interesting. I’m not sure it’ll ever get made but it was Batman vs. Superman. It was another producer involved and another director involved at that time. In fact, because Warner Brothers elected not to make that movie, I believe that Wolfgang Peterson was directing, that he ended up doing Troy. " The interview is a short, quality read, so check it out if you have the time. Interview with Charles Roven