Interview with Lorenzo di Bonaventura

IESB has an interview with comics-to-film producer pimp Lorenzo di Bonaventura, who is responsible for adapting our childhood memories of G.I. Joe onto the big screen, and also making sure that Transformers 2 is as big a smash (if not bigger) as the first one was. Regarding the story of G.I.Joe:

It's a tricky balance. One, you want to keep the story elements secret. I can say this very convincingly, if you're a Joe vs. Cobra fan, then you will be feel incredibly happy about the movie. I would say a Batman Begins. Well, I would say this, it would be more like the original Batman in the sense that you know, it's really taking a comic book, have you seen the original cartoon movie? The Joe movie? If you would you say the original GI Joe movie was like the original Batman movie with Jack Nicholson then I would say this is like Batman Begins.

Regarding the start of filming Transformers 2 being June 2: We're nowhere because of the strike, we won't know until we come back. We have a very fine outline and we know exactly where we want go with the movie but until this writers strike comes back, we'll find out exactly where we are. Michael is completely on top of every detail. He's designed a lot of great stuff already. He's got a lot of great sequences imagined but you know, he needs some writers to work with before he's ready to go, so I would say June 2nd is an unofficial start, it's the target date we'd like to go for but, you know, we've got to get some writers to help us. Well, that's good. Batman Begins was fantastic, and I liked Transformers, so by that theory these movies will be awesome! I really have high hopes for both, and know that with di Bonaventura producing, things will fall into place beautifully. IESB interview: Lorenzo di Bonaventura