Larry Hama = Stan Lee

He doesn't quite equal Stan Lee, but within the G.I. Joe universe, he IS Stan Lee. According to Latino Review, Larry Hama has just been added to the crew for the movie, most likely as a creative consultant. For those that are unaware, Hama created Destro, Snake Eyes, Storm Shadow and Zartan, just to name a few. He also wrote for the Marvel comic G.I. Joe (in addition to Wolverine, Nth Man: The Ultimate Ninja and Elektra according to Wikipedia) so I guess he is closer to Stan Lee than you think. Many of the characters he created were named after friends and family that died during the Vietnam War. He even had a figure modeled after him named Tunnel Rat in 1987, so you know you've made it when you're immortalized in action figure form. Anyways, I imagine that he's being brought on as a creative consultant, which bodes extremely well for the director/producers as well as the fans. It adds a certain credibility to the production, meaning that its not just going to be something Paramount throws out there to make a quick buck. It seems they're really committed to this movie, which is awesome. Larry Hama consults on G.I. Joe film