Marlon Wayans in G.I. Joe afterall

Well, we're here in 2008, and I'm back from about 2 weeks vacation. Can't say I'm thrilled to be back, as not doing anything kind of grows on you, but have to pay the bills somehow (and this blog is still pro bono), so it is what it is. And what better way to get myself back into the blog groove than by posting about a Wayans brother? There's definitely plenty of them to go around. A while back Blackfilm reported that Marlon Wayans was being brought on board the upcoming G.I. Joe flick as Heavy Duty. That seemed odd, as Wayans would basically have to do some serious steroids to get to Heavy Duty's size (the role has since gone to Akinnuoye-Agbaje). So it seemed that Blackfilm was a little off in their conviction regarding the casting of Marlon. But now, IESB reports that they had the right Wayans brother, just the wrong role. Marlon has been cast in the movie, however, he has been cast as Ripcord. This role seemed to belong to Topher Grace up until a few weeks ago, but it seems that Stephen Sommers is taking some creative license with the characters this go-round (Ripcord is white in the cartoons). Wayans cast as Ripcord in G. I. Joe