Marvel contest: Name the New Exiles

Breaking into the comic book industry can be tough. Its slightly easier if you have an immeasurable artistic talent, but if you're like me (with crappy drawing abilities but fantastic writing talents), its a little more difficult to break in. One alternative way to consider breaking in may be by entering a Marvel contest. The contest will choose one winner's name to appear on the letters page. It starts January 16 and runs until February 13, with entry incredibly easy. All that's required is that you send in your suggested name for the letters page, along with your full name, address, telephone number and email address and you're entered. The grand prize winner can expect to get the following: your name on the letters page, a copy of the first issue of New Exiles signed by Chris Claremont and and Tom Grummett and a Tom Grummett sketch of the New Exile of your choice. Not a bad haul if you ask me. Marvel contest: Name the New Exiles