Marvel Studios reaches a deal with WGA

We all know that this WGA strike really sucks. Gone are all the great shows that typically come on, and instead we're left with a million more reality shows. So its good news when at least some companies manage to strike a good chord with the WGA. Its even better when that company is Marvel. According to Comics 2 Film, Marvel and the WGA has reached an accord which would allow the WGA to get back to working on upcoming scripts for Marvel, including Thor, Captain America and Ant Man. This is fantastic news, and maybe DC should follow suit to get a certain movie about a league of justice going again. "Marvel Studios' signing of an interim agreement with the Writers Guild is more good news for our membership," WGA East President Michael Winship and WGA West President Patric M. Verrone added in a joint statement. "Marvel is committed to fairly compensating their writers and now they can move forward with their planned production schedule." Marvel reaches deal with WGA